Disinfecting in home during epidemic - prevention and protection of coronavirus spreading. Protect respiratory system against pneumonia, COVID-19. Sanitizers, face mask, gloves.


In our homes lots of germs and dust accumulated from our surroundings. Complete home cleaning is very important for the safety of our family, especially in a city like Delhi, our homes are prone dust and smoke emitted by cars and too many other bacterial and virus attacks through germs that enter our homes. Even if you are keep your home clean dust free and maintaining it daily, there are many parts of a home which gather dust and away from our eyes. These may be unused corners, under the sofas, above the false ceiling, light fixtures etc are the some places of dust accumulations. Dust in our house can lead to many diseases. With a home cleaning service you not only guarantee complete cleanliness but also maintain environs free of infections and germs.


We at CENTURION DETECTIVES (INDIA) PVT. LTD. (CDi) undertakes effective and cost conscious home cleaning and sanitation services that are tailored to the client’s pocket, time and requirements. There is nothing more stable and reliable than our company. We have been in this industry for decades which makes us a considerable choice always over others. We have provided the clients with the criteria that meets their needs. The clients have always been happy with our services. Having serve the client for many years, we know their needs, therefore they have always put their trust on our company when it comes to home cleaning services.