Our Petrol security guards also roam around the society or office complex and walk the streets of the neighborhood to ensure that the property of every person is safe and secure. We at CDi Security Pvt. Ltd. keep our eyes open for suspicious behavior. We also try to ensure that children should not play in the street or that cars are not broken down or parked incorrectly in the housing society or commercial complex. We always check that cars must be parked in the right places, we at CENTURION DETECTIVES (INDIA) PVT. LTD. (CDi). ensured that the streets of the housing society are safe to drive. Our petrol guard makes sure to check on every home where something seems to be suspicious, our petrol guard officer immediately checks on homeowners who have their front doors open. In simple words want to make sure that every resident is safe and feels safe.


We are involved in offering Patrol Guards for various places such as art galleries, exhibition halls, cinema halls, and other places. Our Patrol Guards are highly experienced & well trained and have to pass both practical and theoretical training sessions, before joining their duties. These guards keep an eagle eye on the anti-social elements.

Security Patrol will check that:

  • All doors and windows are closed and secure,
  • Gates are shut and locked,
  • Fences are secure and have not been compromised,
  • Lights, heaters, air-conditioning, and machinery are all turned off,
  • Vehicles are locked and keys are removed if found in the ignition,
  • Your premises are free of any unwanted or loitering persons