Recruitment, Training & Outsourcing Manpower:

Our company has started a new division for recruitment, training of manpower and manpower outsourcing services. An operational head and team of qualified managers who head the respective verticals head the department.


Having taken great care in recruiting, the best of the applicants are chosen to become our security personnel. The basic objective of DSP is to hire the best applicants and keep them longer adding a level of continuity and experience rarely found around security firms.
Our company lays great stress and emphasis over recruitment and training. Senior Retired Officers from the armed/ police forces are in charge of the initial selection and recruitment. The final selection is made by a “selection team” headed by director (Training & Recruitment). We carry out recruitment by advertising in leading news paper by sending own teams to different areas and by our recruitment team located at different areas.

Manpower Recruitment:

The applicants are recruited after some tests and knowing their skills so that they can be the best at the time of their work. Manpower are recruited through references, newspaper ads.